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The exchange opportunities listed in the search portal are regulated by exchange agreements signed on university-, faculty- or departmental level. Students can apply for exchange during the application periods: 15th February - 15th March and 15th September - 15th October. Please find more information about the application process on our web: in English or in Swedish.

About the search results
Many exchange agreements are restricted to a specific faculty and/or department. This is visible in the agreement name. For example, an agreement ending with 'KS - School of Arts and Communication' means that it's open for students at the School of Arts (K3) only. Other agreements are faculty agreements and will have the faculty abbreviation in the name (HS, KS, LS, TS or OD). University-wide agreements don't have a faculty or department marking.

Exchange Programmes
Bilateral - Exchange programme with non-European partners and European partners not participating in Erasmus+ (e.g. Switzerland)
Erasmus+ - Scholarship programme with partners within the EU/EES + Iceland, Turkey, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Norway
Linnaeus-Palme - Scholarship programme with partners in developing countries
Nordplus - Scholarship programme with partners in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Search tips
  1. Start by choosing Faculty and Department/School
  2. Click Search to view ALL exchange opportunities for your department
  3. Optional: filter your search by Country and/or Exchange Programme
  4. Click on the partner universities in the list for more information
  5. Access links to websites and documents (when provided)
  6. Click on the tab Student Evaluations to view what previous students' have written about the partner university (when provided)
The partner universities listed here have an exchange agreement with Malmö University. However, there may not be exchange opportunities available at all partner universities each semester. Students will find the available places in the Study Abroad Announcement published by their faculty/department on the 15th February and 15th September.
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